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by Christina silvestri
I have had Lyre, my first ball python, for about 2 years now. Ragey, I have only had for about a year. I have gotten many other snakes along the way, different types of boas and other pythons, but out of all of them, the ball pythons have stayed my favorites. I can take Lyre and Ragey out and just hang out with them and watch TV Even My Mom likes Lyre and Ragey, and she isn't one for snakes.
Lyre Lives in a 50 gallon tank with carpet as substrate, lots of rocks and branches, a hide box filled with aspen mulch and moss, and a big water dish. He eats adult mice, preferably white mice, and I am staring him on pre-killed food. He is doing very well with the change over to dead. Lyre comes out at night and climbs on the branches and (I'm guessing) looks for a way out.
Ragey lives in a tupperware box for now. I was having problems with keeping the Humidity up high enough for Ragey to eat and shed properly, so tupperware was the best answer. Ragey was wild caught (or so I was told) and I got her from a pet store in a trade for my iguana. When I got her she was only 10 inches long, now she is over 3 feet! Ragey is now eating adult mice. She is eating and shedding normally now.
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