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by Josh Baum
I've always LOVED snakes. all kinds, but especially ball pythons. I got Monty from a friend who lives in my appartment complex. Monty bit his ear and his mom made him sell it, and it only cost me 30.00 bucks. and i love my Monty. He's about 2 1/2 feet long and he is very feisty.
Every morning when i woke up to go to school, I would get dressed and eat breakfest and go to school. Now I wake up and go to get my socks and every morning Monty was there. It scard me at first but now i'm used to it, well I was used to it untill I got Monty a better top to his cage.
Now we live happily and when i get home I get Monty and he actuly watches TV with me. I mean I lay down on my bed and Monty crawls up around my feet and watches TV with me.
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