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by Thomas Steele
I got Rose in late May from a local pet store in Hiram, GA. called Pet Dreams. I've wanted a python or a boa for as long as I could remember but I had to wait until I was out of my parent's house.
Three years out the door I've finally got one. My fiancee, Heather, and myself walked into the pet store just to look around as we both love animals. In the back where all the herps were was Rose tucked away in a tank with four or five others. Living in a dorm pets are a no-no, so I still wavered. Thankfully Heather talked me into it. I gladly shelled out my thirty five dollars plus tax and walked out with a new family member. She started out with some feeding problems but that's in the past now. She's very gentle and loves to climb on her vines during the night.
I still don't know if she's a female or not but I plan to find out soon. She currently resides in a 20-gallon terrarium and will probably do so until I'm out of school.
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