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by Nao Tohara
Shadow is my first ball python. I picked her out at a pet store at the Crossgates Mall in Albany NY on July 10th, 1999. She was in the process of shedding, but I took it as a sign that she was a healthy ball. I fell in love with her the minute I held her. At the time, I hadn't a clue as to whether it was female or male, so I gave her the ambiguous name "Shadow".
To me, Shadow is the sweetest creature in the world. She is very gentle and well behaved. She gets nervous when people make sudden movements or try to go near her head area. But all in all, I think I made an excellent choice in picking out the perfect ball python.

Right now, Shadow is feeding on small mice, either thawed or live. She is an excellent eater! I feed her one mouse per week, and yet, she seems to want more!

At the moment, Shadow resides in a 10 gallon terrarium which seems to suit her well. I use lizard litter as substrate, and have just purchased a nice piece of green carpet to replace the expensive litter. Within the terranim, there are two hide boxes, one is a ceramic cave, and the other is a half log. She seems to prefer the ceramic cave. I also have hanging gardens for a touch of color and fun climbing!
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